Who we are

In  the 1988 Selecta Parati started to distribute wallcoverings in Italy.

In the 2008 thanks to the high quality of products Parati Selecta launched itself in foreign markets under the brand names Portofino and Cinque Terre.


Since 40 years, we bring the Made in Italy in the world making wallcoverings of incomparable value and quality. Today we can boast of being one of the first editor of Italian wallcoverings and this because our goal was to combine creative excellence high performance manufacturing. Our collections decorate apartments, offices, studios, suites, villas, and even castles located in over 30 countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Our clients have chosen us because we are masters to inebriate the virtues of the rooms with wallcoverings: we take care of exclusive creations developped to be the natural complement for a customized furniture project. 


New collection: Kilim

New collection: Kilim, coming to May 2017



We put our ideas on paper so everyone can have it  on walls. Our ideas are born from the mix between different cultures of the world with the taste and passion for beauty typical of Italian design.

Our mission is to reinterpret traditions and ideas, images, emotions and atmospheres due to the facility of contact between cultures, typical of our present, we encounter daily.




It's the tourist destination of Western Liguria, between the mountains surrounding it and its blue and...



It's from nature, from the drawings of animal's furs, their feathers, their colors, from leaves...


Best Seller

It's the collection of our successes, of wallpapers that we have designed and produced, and that...