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Roll size: m 0,70 x m 10,05
Lightfast: high degree of light fastness (over 7 out of 8 to BS 1006)
Flammability: highly flame resistant "B - s2 - d0" (In accordance with EN 13501) 
Washability: Sponge wallcovering with a solution of warm water and mild soap
• Good resistance to various household mild detergent
• Very good dimensional stability.
Quality: IGI/CE approved

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In Italy there are more than two millenium that we show the world our creativity. Balance of shapes,  Use of materials and techniques are the elements that combine with  the creativity to  create something unique and extraordinary.
Creativa celebrates this vocation and this ability, the taste for the beautiful classic but modern at the same time, printing techniques, knowledge of materials, colors, materials.

Kashan, the ancient Persian city whose immortal masterpieces are kept in major museums around the world, is a charming name that makes you dream: a mystical past where cultures are mixed in a timeless aesthetics, such as the precious gardens and fabulous architectures that draw unpredictable embroidery in contemplative freshness of a shelter in the desert.
The style of this collection is a delicate whisper: the drawings, textures and colors take our hand in a journey through the centuries. The shapes are vanishing, the colors fade to disappear and come back to the light, accompany us transfiguring our rooms in the building of a peaceful and cozy: a palace out of time called “home”.



Heavy vinyl collection, paper base with some flock designs
Roll size : cm 70 x 10.05 m
Packaging : 6 rolls per carton

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Mughals, when they became the masters of the region settled in the valley of Kashmir their summer residence. Talking about it referring to it as "paradise". Kashmir is the diamond in the crown of the Himalayas.

This gives rise to wool and fabrics famous and sought after in the world.

Kashmir is a collection of visual and tactile emotions. Colours and shades, light and reliefs such as the tops of the mountains of this piece of heaven down to earth.

Collection inspired by designs and colors of the ancient art of KILIM carpets.

With unique content, colors, and motives.
With the same passion and ability with which these masterpieces are intertwined we have thought created and develop this collection, a harmony of colors and decorations.
All the elements have been designed with a perfect recipe for industrial handicraft, where nothing is left to chance to make your environment special and unique.


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It 's the Andrea Doria residence's name. He was leader and father of the Republic of Genoa. The private palace was built to show power and fame of the great admiral. The palace's frescoes represent land and sea battles, the great riches won, a prelude to the golden age of his town.

We wanted to tell in this wallpaper collection this wealth, these tensions and passions. We had want to celebrate the greatness of a building unique, gorgeous, able to accommodate Charles V, the Emperor who had such vast territories for which on his reign the sun never set.

Prince's Palace is the collection that vibrates the intensity and strength that live within the walls of this masterpiece of Italian art.

The refinement and elegance of the most exclusivepearl of the Riviera are found in the collectionPORTOFINO CLUB.The passion for beauty, for balance combined with then ability to invent designs and use colors, tones and Italian workmanship have come together to meet the most demanding customer.
Portofino Club, a trip on the premises and in the most famous of our land.

Since it was discovered by the international jet set, the sailor village of Portofino has seen along its wharfs and coves actors, movie director, industry and all those who, with their taste for the  beauty, the ability to select objects and unique clothing have dictated fashion styles for everyone.

Our collection is inspired from these people who have been able to make us dream, we were shown new combinations of shapes and colors, simple and refined, complex and unpredictable at the same time
Portofino Elegance, sophisticated, unexpected to the eye and to the touch.

Portofino is a must for  Vips and stars, actors, princes, rulers, models, athletes, all lovers of Italian style and fashion.
Fashion Portofino is a tribute to this Italian tradition. The ability to combine innovative  technique  with unique colors with a fantastic light reflection
. This collection is study  is to bring the excellence of Italian Fashion on the walls of the house, live  the atmosphere and the most exclusive fashion of our country, every day, in your environments.

Dedicated to the most beautiful house in the world: your home.

Designs and classic tones taken from the residences that surround the small fishing village on the Italian Riviera. Designed to carry the colors that are reflected in this deep sea, on the walls around the world.

Try the blue of our collection, it brings a piece of the Mediterranean on your walls.

The refinement of a collection of wallpaper First Class. Colors in nouance that soften the shapes of the designs, the classic brought to its highest level, richer.

Shapes and exclusive materials for the homes richer. Large designs that are themselves paintings on the walls on which you can put colored furnishings and the more traditional forms such as the more modern forms.

This new collection is born by collecting the best of Palazzo Ducale and Portovenere collections:

  • Palazzo Ducale: The golden age of Venice is that of trade with the East, precious silks and damasks from far and  exotic lands . The Ducal Palace was the heart of economic power in this city. Rich, precious, decorated  with tapestries and paintings on the walls of his magnificent rooms. We were inspired by this glory to realize the designs of the collection Palazzo Ducale. Commemorate  with his drawings and shading the world of venetian  merchants the feelings that the silks of the East gave to them and to the nobles of that time. We wanted to do for our most demanding customer.
  • Portovenere: The eastern Liguria's colors, fade waters able to filter and mix wall's tones of buildings watching the mediterranean sea. Colors burned by the sun and salt in a sea dominated by the rocks that inspired Lord Byron's poetry. Rocks, houses, stones, stories, plaster, reflections and words guided the hand of our artists while creating this new collection. Portovenere collection gives to every home around the world the impressions of a sea village enclosed between mountains and the sea. So intimate as just the most fascinating things can be.


Roll size: m 0,70 x m 10,05 (Palazzo Ducale) 1 m X m . 10.05 (Portovenere)
Composition: No woven fabric wallcovering plain and with special selected  “Flock” (Palazzo Ducale) - Wallcovering, non woven backing with velvet designs (Portovenere)
Lightfast: high degree of light fastness (over 7 out of 8 to BS 1006) (Palazzo Ducale) - high resistance (Portovenere)
Flammability: B- S2 D0 (in accordance with EN 13501 )
Washability: Sponge wallcovering with a solution of warm water and mild soap 
• Good resistance to various household mild detergent
Stability: Very good dimensional stability
Quality: IGI/CE approved



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Positano from the sea looks almost like a shell, streaked with different colors. From the green of the hills that protect it to the white, pink and yellow of its Mediterranean houses, the silver gray of the pebble beaches and finally the blue of its sea.
This daintiness and transparency of the colors the lightness of the designs you can find in the Positano collection, the wallcoverings of this collection emanate a particular magic, decorate every environment with sparkling freshness like a sea breeze.

Our collection is inspired by Venice. The mercantile european harbor for eastern brocades, silks, damasks and spices. One of our richest collection we present. Refined designs and embellished with exquisite italian workmanship. They'll bring you in the most exclusive palaces along the Grand Canal or the streets of the noble and wealthy Venetian merchants who have made it big and prosperous this Italian unique town.

The water reflections in the archipelago of Venice are strong in the elegance and preciousness of this collection. The venetian light triumphs in a tenuous and refined splendor, with drawings evoking the richness of the palaces of the Gran Canal and a noble palette that focuses on vibration of gold, grays and blues. Aesthetics sometimes daring but elemental in his serene equilibrium, as the architectural lines of the famous Rialto Bridge.



• Roll size: m 0,70 x m 10.05
• Composition: non-woven wallcoverings
• Lightfast
• Flammability
• Washability
• Stability: Very good dimensional stability
Quality: IGI/CE approved
• Packaging: 6 rolls per box

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The Versilia is the narrow land between the Apuan Alps and the sea, where the Tuscan beaches watching the marble quarries of the most famous in the world. Statues and columns of ancient Rome here were carved, masterpieces of the Renaissance Michelangelo Buonarroti David and the Pieta inspired our experienced designers.
The white marble, the reflections of Tuscany Mediterranean sea, sandy beaches, colors and textures of the Tuscan tradition have enabled us to create the collection Versilia.
Versilia wallpaper is an opportunity for our clients, to meet and appreciate a new corner of Italy.

One of the oldest cities in the world. Between the Far East and the West. On the Silk Road. The richest city in Central Asia.
Tamerlane made ​​it magnificent capital of his kingdom.
Three millennium of history, culture, arts. To honor this city become a legend so we called this our collection.
Textures, colors, metallic shading, designs to narrate the atmosphere of this part of Central Asia, with the taste and the ideas of our Italian style

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