Mughals, when they became the masters of the region settled in the valley of Kashmir their summer residence. Talking about it referring to it as "paradise". Kashmir is the diamond in the crown of the Himalayas.

This gives rise to wool and fabrics famous and sought after in the world.

Kashmir is a collection of visual and tactile emotions. Colours and shades, light and reliefs such as the tops of the mountains of this piece of heaven down to earth.


Roll size: cm 70 x m 10,05.
Composition: paper backed vinyl wallcovering plain and with special selected “Flock”
Lightfast: high degree of light fastness ( over 7 out of 8 to BS 1006)
Flammability: highly flame resistant"B - s2 - d0" (In accordance with EN 13501)
Washability: sponge wallcovering with a solution of warm water and mild soap
• Good resistance to various household mild detergent
• Very good dimensional stability.
Quality: IGI/CE approved

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