Portofino Wild

We love to delight and amaze you imitating the wilderness , reinterpreting it to dress up the walls of rooms able to surprise those who venture among them. The designs of  leopards, tigers, zebras, giraffes printed with extraordinary techniques capable of reproducing wild sensations at the touch of a hand. And then the colors  with  Italian taste, able to be sober or daring.
It is our passion for beauty, the ability to dare and invent that guide our hand and our eyes to follow an Italian creativity.



Roll size: m 0,70 x m 10,05
Composition: Paper backed vinyl wallcovering plain and with special selected “Flock”
Lightfast: high degree of light fastness (over 7 out of 8 to BS 1006)
Flammability: highly flame resistant "B - s2 - d0" (In accordance with EN 13501) 
Washability: Sponge wallcovering with a solution of warm water and mild soap
• Good resistance to various household mild detergent
• Very good dimensional stability.
Quality: IGI/CE approved

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