So precious that for centuries has been banned from China export silkworm to produce this yarn. The most precious fabric for its light weight for its impalpably. Precious for his reflexes, for the lights that draws it. Precious and delicate only to those who understand its value. Seta collection by Selecta is drawn from the light. His plots are enhanced by the play of light, moving on its surface.
The color variations are its sign. Imperceptible  sometimes, always exciting.



Roll size: cm 70 x m 10,05
Composition: paper backed vinyl wallcovering
Lightfast: high degree of light fastness (over 7 out of 8 to BS 1006)
Flammability: highly flame resistant "B - s2 - d0" (In accordance with EN 13501) 
Washability: Sponge wallcovering with a solution of warm water and mild soap
• Good resistance to various household mild detergent
• Very good dimensional stability.
Quality: IGI/CE approved

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