A collection dedicated to the pleasure of touch. To feel emotions with your eyes closed.
Then the contrasts of color, its white and its blacks, unusual combinations. Everything to create a collection Selecta able to surprise. The eyes and skin. By reproducing the delicacy of a velvet.

Designed for large spaces and for those who are not afraid to be bold and surprising. Tactile and visual art. Italian art of printing. Unique, extraordinary


Roll size: cm 70 x m 10,05
Composition: paper backed vinyl wallcovering plain and with special selected “Flock”
Lightfast: high degree of light fastness (over 7 out of 8 to BS 1006)
Flammability: highly flame resistant "B - s2 - d0" (In accordance with EN 13501)
Washability: Sponge wallcovering with a solution of warm water and mild soap
• Good resistance to various household mild detergent
• Very good dimensional stability.
Quality: IGI/CE approved

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