Villa D'Este

The splendor of the High Renaissance, which compares with the Roman ruins. Villa d'Este is the grandeur and pomp, is the only period in the history of Italian art able to compare itself with the Roman world.

And then the size and shape variety of its gardens. Compendium prelude to the riches of architecture and paintings of the villa.

The fantasies of our collection are nature tamed by rationality. Plots and color harmonies. Wealth of forms treated with wisdom and skill of our craftsmen Italian. Villa d'Este: a door on harmony and passion of Italy.



Roll size: 0,70 m X 10.05 m
Composition: vinyl wallcovering, paper backing with velvet designs

Light resistance: high resistance

• Resistance to fire: B- S2 D0 (in accordance with EN 13501 )

• Washable: Wash the product with a solution of warm water and mild soap
Stability: good
Quality: approved IGI / EC

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